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I wasn’t holding my breath that a vet would work hard to help diagnose my leopard gecko. I was wrong. The doctor worked hard to diagnose why our pet lizard stopped eating & ran a battery of tests. We were expecting an enormous bill & were pleasantly surprised at how reasonably priced it all was. The office called me to follow up on our lizard’s progress & when I called with questions, Sara was exceptionally kind & patient with us. Would definitely recommend this vet.

- Paulina Testerman

All employees are amazing with animals. I am glad I found a Vet’s office that makes me feel that my 5 months old puppy is in the best hands

- Heide Myrick

The very best of care, the entire staff always gives their all and truly cares about both patient and parents! You won’t find a better clinic in Sarasota.

- Ron Marano

It is very difficult to find an avian vet who is kind while not sugar coating what can be bad news. I had no idea conures get cataracts as they get older, helped me understand my bird’s actions. The Dr. is wonderful!

- Jessica Sakas

Brought my baby ferret here, Dr. Sam was awesome about letting me ask all of my questions and giving me direct answers (really bothers me when we see a vet for our cats and can’t get clear answers). They gave my little guy his distemper shot and had us wait 15 mins to make sure there was no reaction. I totally forgot to schedule a follow up for the rabies shot, will call in a few days for that. Everyone was gentle with quick with him, so they clearly knew what they were doing. Will definitely recommend for anyone with an exotic.

- Katie Martin