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How To Properly Clean Your Dog’s Ears

A pug getting his ears cleaned

If you clean your dog’s ears during your pet’s regular hygiene routine, you’ll keep them healthy and prevent infections. For dogs with floppy ears, you should clean the ears at least once a week. You can also find out if your dog’s ears need cleaning by examining them every weekend to know if there’s a lot of wax, oil or dirt in them.

Here’s a brief explanation of why cleaning your pet’s ears is important and how to clean them regularly.

What’s The Importance Of Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears?

You and your dog may not really enjoy the process of cleaning his ears, but you need to do so for the following reasons:

  • Prevent infections: A buildup of dirt and wax in your dog’s ears can provide food for disease-causing bacteria. Excess wax also makes it difficult for medication to get into the ear.
  • Remove moisture: Cleaning your dog’s ears will help remove any excess water or moisture that may have entered their ear as they were swimming or bathing.
  • Get rid of weeds: Weeds and other organic matter can get caught up in the dog’s ears while playing. Examine the ears weekly to pull them out.
  • Keep your dog comfortable: When you keep your dog’s ears clean, your dog will not only stay healthy, but he will also feel fresh and comfortable.

Is It Safe To Clean My Dog’s Ears?

Generally, it’s safe to clean your dog’s ears at home. But you must take certain precautions to preserve your dog’s health.

  • Avoid excessive cleaning: Don’t clean your dog’s ears more than once a week unless directed to by your veterinarian. Excessive cleaning removes the healthy bacteria your dog needs in his ears, however, in pets with infections we may instruct pet owners to clean and medicate daily until the ears have been rechecked to confirm the infection has healed.
  • Use only prescribed cleaners: Ask your vet to recommend a safe cleaner for you and use it.

Consult your vet immediately if you notice a rise in the ear’s temperature, a strange odor or abnormal discharge.

Tips For Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

Cleaning your dog’s ears properly begins with putting the right materials together. The supplies you’ll need include:

  • Ear cleanser
  • Cotton pads
  • A towel
  • A pair of tweezers
  • A treat to reward your dog

how to properly clean your dog's ears

Steps To Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Step 1: Inspect your dog’s ears. Make sure they’re not inflamed, red or producing a bad odor. If you notice any of these signs, call your vet and don’t proceed any further. These are all signs of infection and they must be treated by a professional.

Step 2: Trim excess hair. If your dog is very hairy, use tweezers to remove hair that could block the ear canal.

Step 3: Let your pup sit and reward him for doing so.

Step 4: Hold your dog’s ear flap up and gradually fill the ear canal with the ear cleaning solution.

Step 5: Give the base of the ear a gentle massage while you hold the ear flap.

Step 6: Place a towel over the dog’s head and allow the dog to shake his head.

Step 7: Wrap a cotton pad around your index finger and wipe the visible part of the ear canal.

Step 8: Repeat the last step for the outer ear.

Step 9: Give your dog a reward.

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