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Why Preventative Healthcare for Pets Is Important

Why Preventative healthcare is important for pets

Your pets are your family members, so they should be treated as such. Preventative healthcare, such as attending routine appointments, staying up to date on vaccines, keeping up with medications and more, is vital to keeping your furry friend healthy. To make this easier, University Animal Clinic offers a wellness program dedicated to managing the health of your dog or cat.

So, why is preventative care for pets so important?

 It Does the Talking for Your Pet

Life would be much easier if our dogs could walk up to us and politely ask, “May I go to the restroom?” Unfortunately, our pets can’t talk to us in this way. Since their only communication with their owners is to bark and whine, let preventative healthcare do the talking by allowing the vet to detect if something is off about your pet’s behavior.

It Detects Problems Earlier

Like in human healthcare, the earlier an issue is detected, the easier it can be treated. Routine visits are part of a wellness program, so if something is wrong, your vet can create a plan and provide the proper treatment at once. With our veterinary care, your pet will be in good hands. 

It Saves You Money

Preventative healthcare saves your pet while saving you money in the long run. You can cut costs in the following ways:

  1. University Animal Clinic’s plans offer discounts on your pet’s routine checkups. Members of the Prevention Club have 20% off all the services included in each plan — like unlimited office visits and nail trims — and 15% off all flea and heartworm treatment.
  2. Later operations will not be needed with early detection. For example, with regular teeth cleanings as part of our plan, your pet’s teeth will be healthier, preventing expensive procedures needed to fix gum disease and tooth decay.

It Helps Your Pet Live Longer and Happier

Detecting health issues earlier will bring your pet back to their original condition more quickly, giving them a better quality of life. With early intervention, you can also share some extra years with your pet by addressing things sooner, providing them with a happy and long life.

Enroll in UAC’s Prevention Club Today

Here at University Animal Clinic, our staff is passionate about preventative care, offering the highest medical quality. Our comprehensive wellness plans extend to the Sarasota, Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch, FL, areas and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your four-legged family member!