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Why Are Digital X-rays Important For Animals?

A Boston terrier getting examined at the vet

Using digital x-rays for pets allows us to provide better care for your pets, and it helps us detect symptoms that aren’t revealed by traditional film x-rays. Below, we’ll explain the importance of x-rays for pets and how they help us detect symptoms early on and provide the best treatment for your pet.

Are X-rays Necessary For Pets?

The answer is “yes.”

X-rays provide a clear image for vets to use before choosing the best course of treatment. If your dog or cat gets ill, has an injury or shows strange symptoms, an x-ray can help us discover the source of the problem.

You may already be familiar with using x-rays to locate fractures and other bone or joint injuries. But since digital x-rays provide very fine details, they may be used to diagnose a variety of ailments. They’re also useful for:

  • Identifying intestinal blockages
  • Locating a foreign object swallowed by your pet
  • Conducting pet dental examinations
  • Detecting tumors and bladder stones

What Do Dog X-rays Show?

A digital x-ray is an effective tool for investigating the true cause of an injury or disease. They show:

  • All the internal structures of the dog, including bones, organs and tissues
  • The size, shape and position of the heart
  • Images of strange growths or objects
  • Shapes or outlines of organs that give clues about the root of any problem
  • Signs of pregnancy that is at least six weeks old
  • The number of puppies the dog is likely to deliver
  • Signs of respiratory diseases, like a collapsed trachea or lung cancer
  • Orthopedic issues like bone deformations

Why Digital X-rays Are Superior

While x-rays perform many great functions in vet clinical diagnosis, they also carry their risks. One of them is exposure to radiation.

However, with digital x-rays, your pet’s exposure to radiation is greatly reduced. Digital x-rays produce finer details that improve the speed and quality of diagnosis. They’re processed faster and can be viewed on a computer screen without the use of chemically processed films. They may also be transferred or shared electronically with other veterinarians during referrals.

The Importance Of Early Detection Of Symptoms

As a pet parent, it’s very important to detect, as early as possible, any diseases that could be developing in your pet. During a routine checkup, a digital x-ray can show bone disorders like arthritis and cancer. It may also reveal signs of internal disorders such as congestive heart failure, pneumonia and internal disorders.

Detecting disease symptoms early will:

  • Reduce treatment costs
  • Improve the chances of full recovery
  • Help discover the actual cause of symptoms
  • Prolong the pet’s life
  • Prevent the pet’s premature death

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