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The Best Pets for Kids

A close up of a brown, black and white guinea pig

We’ve all learned something from our pets. Maybe we discovered that any spot could be a bed or any household object can be a plaything if you try hard enough. Pets can teach your children valuable lessons about responsibility and companionship. If you’re wondering what might be the best pet for your kid, here are four animals that require less maintenance than some other animals and are easy to care for.


Your child will learn something new every day with a pet rat. Here are some of these clever creatures’ defining traits:

  • Rats typically bite less than hamsters.
  • These intelligent rodents like to be in groups.
  • Rats like things to do, such as wheels to play on and places to crawl and hide.

Rats are an excellent pick for teaching your child the value of companionship. Everything is better together!

Guinea Pigs

A classic easy pet for kids, guinea pigs are entertaining, vocal rodents with plenty of personality. If you’re considering one for your child, here are two care notes to keep in mind:

Two vets examining a Guinea pig

  • For optimal health, 80% of their diet should be hay. A small portion can be fruits and veggies.
  • These rodents can live alone or in groups.

With a guinea pig, your kid will learn that taking the time to get to know someone leads to lots of love and fun.


If your child has a soft spot for birds, budgies may be the right pick for a long-term companion! Here are four facts you should know about them:

  • Budgies live between 10-15 years and eat easy-to-feed bird pellets.
  • These small birds do well by themselves or in groups.
  • Cage cleaning is easy — just remove the bottom!

Budgies are low-maintenance pets that can keep your kid company for many years to come.

Small SnakesSmall snake in mans hand

A scaly friend might be the perfect fit for your household. Small snakes are easier to maintain than their larger relatives and make great pets because:

  • A little snake can be kept in a relatively small terrarium with a UV light and a heat source.
  • They have simple humidity requirements.
  • Small snakes are easy to feed, with convenient frozen mice available at many pet stores.

Snakes make unique pets for kids that are sure to leave an impression, and they offer lots of learning opportunities about the food chain and how different types of animals thrive.

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You want your choice to be well-informed. In addition to your own research, it’s a good idea to consult a vet when deciding on a new friend for your children. Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff can offer helpful advice for both domestic and exotic pets. Contact us for more information about which pets are suitable for your kids.