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The Best Cat Breeds for First-Time Cat Owners

A girl snuggling a fluffy cat

Cats are sweet and curious, and if you’re thinking about bringing one into your home, you’re in for tons of fun.

Like people, each cat is unique. However, many breeds share similar traits. Your household, lifestyle and other key factors can help you determine which type of cat is your ideal match.

Not sure which is the best cat breed for a first-time owner? Use this handy guide to help you find a fantastic feline.

Have Allergies? Go Exotic With a Sphynx.

If pet dander is a concern in your household, the nearly hairless Sphynx is a great option. One look at this cat and you can see how it got its name. Regal and distinctive, the Sphynx can be a charming companion, especially if you’re allergic to animal fur and dander. Expect lots of vitality and energy from this one-of-a-kind buddy!

Just remember that your Sphynx companion is likely to get chilly if the temperature plummets. It’s important to have warm places for your friend to relax. Many Sphynx owners buy special cat jackets so their kitties aren’t cold.

Orange and white maine coon catWant a Big, Hearty Cat? Try a Maine Coon.

Known for being a beastie of a bestie, the Maine coon is by far the biggest cat breed. A Maine coon might even be larger than your neighbor’s barking pup. Don’t let this feline’s size intimidate you, though. This cat tends to be a sweetheart through and through.

To keep your Maine coon happy and out of mischief, put a premium on socializing. Some Maine coons will even accept a leash, allowing you to take a stroll around the block together.

Like a Chatty Companion? The Siamese Has Something to Say.Portrait of Siamese cat

Some of the best cats for families are those that will chime into any discussion. When you want a conversational cat by your side, the Siamese is your match. You can expect an opinion out of this feline no matter the situation — so tread carefully if you would prefer 100% peace and quiet. The Siamese isn’t tight-lipped.

A huge advantage to owning a Siamese is its lack of a thick coat. There’s typically no need to groom your special guy or gal from day to day. These cats need very little upkeep beyond lots of time with you as their favorite pet parent.

Going for Cuddles? A Scottish Fold Delivers.

Thanks to special breeding, the Scottish fold’s ears are tucked inward. The result is a round-looking head with expressive eyes you can’t possibly resist. Scottish fold cats tend to be incredibly smart. They’ll investigate your house, learn new tricks and keep you guessing about what they’re thinking.

One thing’s for sure — you’ll need to have time to spend with your Scottish fold. These cats aren’t loners. They want to be with you and the rest of your family. In fact, Scottish folds can be some of the best cats for kids.

Like a Spunky, Independent Cat? Meet the American Shorthair.

The American shorthair cat is exactly what you’d expect. Its coat is short and easy to maintain, and the breed is all-American through and through. You’ll find that the American shorthair comes in plenty of patterns and colors, too.

For busier professionals, the American shorthair is a terrific fit. You won’t have to babysit your kitty constantly. Regular cuddles — even just a couple times a day — will satisfy American shorthairs quite nicely. They’re not wowed by overindulgence, either. A cat tree, a place to bask in the sun and a few toys will leave your friend feline fine.

Want a Cat With a Pedigree Look? Choose a Ragdoll.

The Ragdoll wins for one of the best cats for families of all sizes. Though they look like they just stepped off the catwalk in Milan or Paris, Ragdolls are surprisingly laid back. Their calm demeanor makes them ideally suited for bustling households.

If you choose this breed, plan on spending some time keeping up with your Ragdoll’s thick coat. Buy a brush and make grooming a natural part of the bonding process. From the moment your Ragdoll comes into your home, you won’t be able to imagine living without this amazing cat breed.

Inspired by Inquisitiveness? The Abyssinian Is a Natural Sleuth.

Abyssinians aren’t satisfied with the status quo. Your Abyssinian companion may figure out how to open the kitty treat drawer, not to mention explore all the nooks and crannies in your house. But that’s just part of the wonderful nature of this energetic cat breed.

Plan to keep your Abyssinian happiest by indulging some curiosity with games and toys. These cats welcome the opportunity to romp a bit, and your reward will be devotion beyond anything you could imagine. In fact, Abyssinians are known for their extreme loyalty.


Not Sure What Cat Breed to Pick? Talk With Your Veterinarian!


Now that you’ve been introduced to tons of the best cat breeds, you might still be confused as to which one makes the sense for you. That’s understandable, particularly if you’ve never adopted a pet or cat before.  Kitten getting a checkup at the vet

It’s not unusual for individuals and families to seek the help of a veterinary office prior to choosing a cat breed. Talking with professionals can help you narrow down the choices so you feel less intimidated by the selection process. Plus, veterinarians and their staffers can give you advice on how to prepare for your cat’s arrival as well as what to expect in terms of checkup appointments and vaccinations.

No matter which breed you choose, nothing compares to the joys of bringing a kitty into your fold! In no time, you’ll be snapping pictures of your quirky housemate to share with friends and family. You’ll also wonder why you waited so long to join the ranks of cat parents.

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