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Ultrasounds for Pets In Bradenton

As every pet owner knows, pets may become sick, develop health conditions or become pregnant over time. To help your furry friend, University Animal Clinic has veterinarians with ultrasound experience. Before your appointment, here’s what you should know:


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What Are Ultrasounds?

An ultrasound is a safe, noninvasive procedure that scans your pet using high-frequency waves. These waves reflect into the hand-held probe against your pet’s skin, and the pattern of the reflected waves is what creates the live image you will see on the screen.

When Should I Get an Ultrasound for My Pet?

Thankfully, ultrasounds are an easy way for veterinarians to examine your pet quickly. Other instances when your pet may need an ultrasound include:

  • Looking closer at a specific organ or soft tissue (thyroid, tendons, ligaments, eyes, fetal viability and development).
  • Supplementing inconclusive results from x-rays, bloodwork or urine tests.
  • Monitoring the progression of diseases or abnormalities.

How to Prepare Your Pet for an Ultrasound

The preparations required before an ultrasound may vary depending on the area examined. Speak to your ultrasound vet before your appointment to learn more about the specifics. Some precautions you may need to take beforehand include:

  • Withholding food and water eight to 12 hours before the ultrasound.
  • Shaving the examination area.
  • Giving your pet a sedative to relax them.

The Benefits of Using Ultrasounds

One of the biggest benefits of ultrasounds is the turnaround time to see results. Your vet will get back to you within a few short days with any issues detected. This noninvasive procedure is painless and, if your pet is typically calm at the vet, won’t require anesthesia.

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What Can Ultrasounds Show?

Ultrasounds are a great resource for veterinarians to examine your pet. Ultrasounds will show areas such as:

  • A complete view of your pet’s internal organs.
  • Any noteworthy bumps found on your pet.
  • Fetal development if your pet is pregnant.

What Types of Pets Can Receive an Ultrasound?

Pets of all shapes and sizes are eligible for an ultrasound. Traditional pets such as cats and dogs and exotic pets such as turtles and ferrets can all benefit from an ultrasound.

Schedule an Ultrasound Appointment for Your Pet at University Animal Clinic

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