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Pet Microchipping In Bradenton

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Millions of pets get lost every year, much to the agony of their owners. While some pets end up in shelters, others become stray dogs and cats. Nevertheless, this doesn’t have to be your story. You can save yourself from the agony of losing your furry loved one through pet microchipping.

What Is Pet Microchipping?

Pet microchipping is the process of installing radio-frequency implants beneath the skin of your pet. These implants have a unique ID number, which makes it easier to identify a chipped animal in case the pet gets lost or reported as missing.

How Does Pet Microchipping Work?

A microchip is a unit that consists of integrated circuits used for identification purposes. When an animal worker scans a stray pet using an RFID device, the chip automatically transmits its identification number to the scanner. This makes it easy for the animal worker to locate the owner of the pet using details obtained from the chip.

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The Procedure For Adding A Microchip To A Pet

The process of adding a microchip is swift and straightforward. It only requires a few seconds to complete the whole procedure. Adding a microchip to a pet is similar to an injection. The vet may test your pet for any ailments or conditions before implanting the chip beneath your pet’s skin.

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The Benefits Of Microchipping

Traditional modes of pet identification such as pet tags and collars are good, but they don’t last. It’s very easy for these identification tags to slip off or get lost. Some tags are hard to read, and this makes it almost impossible to identify the owner of the pet. The following are some of the reasons why you should consider pet microchipping:

  • A microchip indicates the rightful owners of a pet in case of a dispute.
  • Makes it easier to reunite pets with their owners.
  • Microchipping is easy, quick and relatively affordable.
  • Some microchip registries offer additional services like travel assistance for pets found far from home.
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Bond with your dog or cat in a new way by taking them to the vet for pet microchipping. We at the University Animal Clinic offer seamless pet microchipping services in the Bradenton, Sarasota, and Lakewood Ranch areas. Contact our readily available support staff at 941-355-7707 to schedule a pet microchipping session with our resident vet. Our offices are open at 8 a.m. throughout the week and closed on Sundays.

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