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Dog Grooming Services at The Sarasota Dog Salon

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We’re proud to partner with The Sarasota Dog Salon for dog grooming services in Bradenton and Sarasota. The Sarasota Dog Salon offers the following treatments:

  • Nail trimming: Each session includes nail filing and a treat.
  • Grooming: Appointments include a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, gland expression and a haircut. Touch-up grooming appointments are also available if desired.
  • De-shedding: Sessions include a bath, coat conditioner, nail trim, ear cleaning, gland expression and de-shedding.

Dog Grooming Services In Sarasota

Professional dog grooming comprises the cleaning and hygienic care of a dog. A dog groomer provides a variety of services including bathing, hair removal, nail trimming and ear cleaning.

Good groomers also check for signs of health problems by looking out for swelling, parasites, heat, cuts and thrush. Regular dog grooming helps your dog stay fresh, keep calm and enjoy a coat that’s free of tangles and fleas.

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What Are The Benefits Of Dog Grooming?

Grooming Your Dog Is One Of The Best Ways To Care For Your Four-Legged Friend. Some Of The Main Benefits Of Regular Dog Grooming Include:

  • Maintaining healthy and attractive skin and coat
  • Reducing the risk of infection
  • Detecting issues with the teeth, skin and ears quickly
  • Preventing injuries caused by long or broken nails

How Does Grooming Your Dogs Help Them Stay Healthy?

If You Take Your Dogs In For Grooming, It’ll Boost Their Health In The Following Ways:

  • Prevent infection: Professional grooming helps you identify and prevent diseases and infections before they occur by removing mats, ticks, fleas and any excess wax in the ears.
  • Identify symptoms of illness: Grooming makes it easy to find lumps, bumps and wounds on your dog’s skin as well as any ear infections.
  • Prompt referral for treatment: Groomers will always ask you to visit your vet when they identify any type of infection.
  • Effective nail trimming: Dog nail trimming isn’t always a pleasant task. But dog groomers know how to get your furry friend to cooperate and trim their nails to the right length. This prevents a situation in which the nails grow and damage the footpads.
  • Prevent mats and shedding: Without grooming, your dog’s hair will get tangled into a mat which pulls the skin and becomes uncomfortable. Grooming prevents the growth of mats that cause sores and create hiding places for ticks.
  • Less shedding: A well-groomed fur coat reduces the amount of shedding and prevents indoor allergens.

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Why Should You Consider Professional Dog Grooming Services vs. DIY Dog Grooming?

Taking your pet to a groomer allows your dog to receive expert care that you can’t provide at home. Also, your professional groomer is the best person to handle sensitive tasks such as:

  • Removing mats from the coat
  • De-shedding treatment
  • Cleaning the ears
  • Trimming nails without cuts or injuries
  • Coat grooming
  • Expressing anal glands

These aren’t the only services you’ll enjoy. A reputable dog groomer will also have the skills to keep your pooch calm and relaxed throughout the grooming procedure.

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The Most Common

Myths About Dog Grooming

Myth: Some dog breeds won’t shed their hair.

Fact: All dog breeds shed their hair.

Some will shed a ton of hair while others will shed a little. The amount of hair dogs shed depends on their breed, type of coat and how you groom the dog. Since all dogs shed hair, you need to take time to groom your dog regularly.

Myth: Dogs don’t need a bath often.

Fact: Most vets recommend you bathe your dog once every 1-2 weeks.

This helps the dog shed less and have a better scent. Using a good shampoo also helps reduce the occurrence of some skin diseases. Your vet can recommend a suitable brand for your type of dog.

Myth: Shampoo for humans will work just like dog shampoo.

Fact: Dog shampoo and human shampoo don’t work the same way on dogs.

A dog’s skin and human skin are quite different. For instance, human skin is more acidic than dog skin, and we have several sweat glands while dogs only have sweat glands on their footpads. If you use human shampoo, you may dry out the upper layer of the animal’s skin and reduce the skin’s ability to ward off infection.

Myth: If I take my dog to a groomer, then I don’t have to do any home grooming.

Fact: Dog groomers are not magicians.

So many clients take their dogs to professional groomers in a terrible state. The hair is overgrown, the coat is full of mats and dirt and the dog looks rather uncomfortable. Bathe your dog every one to two weeks, brush their coat regularly and do all you can to make them comfortable to avoid this (and it will make the groomer’s job much easier).

Myth: I just need to drop my dog off, and a professional will know all about my dog.

Fact: Dog groomers are not professional mind readers.

If your dog doesn’t respond well while having her paws touched or goes wild when you touch a particular part of her skin, then let your groomer know in advance. Tell the groomer all you can about your dog’s background and the types of grooming services needed. Share any health issues and behavior patterns before the work starts.

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Dog Grooming FAQs

How Often Should A Dog Get Groomed?

Get your dog groomed once a month. You may extend the interval or reduce it a bit depending on the breed and type of coat. Start brushing your puppy’s hair regularly at home so your dog will cooperate with the groomer as an adult.

How Long Does The Grooming Take?

A full groom for an average-sized dog could take about three hours. Thick coated breeds and large dogs could take a little longer. Dogs coming in for the first time may need extra time to adjust to being kept in one position for a relatively long time.

Will My Dog Be Sedated?

Normally, dogs don’t have to get sedated during grooming. If you are concerned that your dog is too anxious during their grooming appointment, contact your veterinarian to discuss your options.

How Much Does It Cost To Have My Dog Groomed?

This will depend on the size of your dog and the volume of hair on its coat and if there are any additional services beyond a standard grooming desired. For more information about pricing, please contact The Sarasota Dog Salon.

Get Professional Dog Grooming Service In Sarasota And Bradenton Today

Taking your dog to a professional dog groomer improves the health and well-being of your pet. It’ll help prevent many infections and make your furry friend a more exciting companion. While we don’t offer professional grooming directly at our office, we partner with The Sarasota Dog Salon to take excellent care of our clients’ dogs.

To learn more about dog grooming services from The Sarasota Dog Salon, please contact their office at (941) 413-5159 or book an appointment today!

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