AAHA-Accredited Animal Hospital for Sarasota, FL Families

Providing your pet with quality care from an experienced, compassionate team of animal lovers is essential. Our animal hospital for Sarasota, FL families offers exceptional care, as well as a few treats, to ensure your family’s furriest or scaliest member is healthy and happy.

Our Veterinary Center’s Services for Sarasota, FL

Whether you’re the parent of a cat, ferret, dog, rabbit, snake or other exotic pet, our veterinary center near Sarasota, FL provides comprehensive care and treatments you can trust, including:

  • Wellness plans: A favorite of families in Sarasota, FL is our feline and canine wellness plans. We provide plans for every stage of life, from adult and “tween” to puppy and kitten. Plans include immunizations for cats and dogs, plus unlimited office visits and nail trims.

  • Dental: Our preventative dental cleaning for cats and dogs keeps your pet’s chompers in good condition and catches any issues early. We also offer digital dental X-rays for pets in Sarasota, FL, as well as oral surgery for cats and dogs.

  • Routine or emergency surgery: While some surgeries, like a spay or neuter, are routine, others are emergencies or require a specialized surgeon. Our veterinarians offer Sarasota, FL families the convenience, as well as peace of mind that their pet is receiving the best care from an experienced team.

  • Older pets: Finding a vet for older animals in Sarasota, FL is a challenge for many pet owners. Our veterinarians and technicians offer the care that older furry family members need through preventative wellness checks, as well as monitoring their diet and exercise.

  • Skin care and allergies: Itchy skin on pets in Sarasota, FL is not uncommon due to the temperatures and insects. We can help your favorite family member find relief, as well as ensure they don’t have allergies. If they do, we can offer a personalized treatment.

  • Exotic pets: Discovering an exotic vet clinic in the Sarasota, FL area can prove challenging as you want a veterinarian that’s caring and knowledgeable about your pet’s species. Our staff delivers on both of those wants, offering quality care and experience when it comes to your family’s ferret, snake, rabbit, bird or other exotic pet.

Become a Part of the University Animal Clinic’s Sarasota, FL Family

Whether you’re searching for a vet for your guinea pig or an animal hospital that offers dental cleanings, you can trust the University Animal Clinic near Sarasota, FL. As one owner shared, “My dog was so comfortable! This says a lot since she usually is so afraid and timid…I am so glad to have found such a wonderful vet.”

See the difference of our animal-loving team by calling us today at 941-355-7707 or contacting us online.