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Lakewood Ranch Veterinary Clinic

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AAHA-Accredited Lakewood Ranch Animal Hospital

Making sure your family’s furriest — or scaliest — member has veterinary care you trust is always a priority. Our AAHA accredited Lakewood Ranch animal clinic provides the peace of mind you’re after with our experienced and comprehensive veterinary care, as well as undeniable love for all animals.

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Our Animal Hospital’s

Services for Lakewood Ranch, FL

We provide numerous veterinary care services at our animal hospital near Lakewood Ranch, FL, to ensure your pet’s health and wellness. This includes:

  • Wellness plans: Our feline and canine wellness plans offer preventative care that keeps your pet bounding across the yard or hopping into the latest box from Amazon. We provide puppy and kitten plans, as well as “tween” and adult plans. All include unlimited office visits, plus immunizations and deworming. Click here to pre-enroll in our wellness plans!
  • Dental: Keeping your cat or dog’s teeth clean is important as dental infections can go to their heart, kidney and liver. Our dental cleanings help keep your pet’s teeth picture-ready, plus find any problems early. We also provide oral surgery for dogs and cats in Lakewood Ranch, FL and the surrounding areas.
  • Routine or emergency surgery: Our veterinary services include your routine procedures, like neutering and spaying for cats and dogs, as well as specialized and emergency operations. We provide patella luxation treatment for Lakewood Ranch, FL pets, for instance, as well as many simple orthopedic procedures.
  • Older pets: Finding a vet for older cats and dogs is a challenge for many owners. Our vets offer Lakewood Ranch, FL families, and their older pets the specialized care they need by monitoring their diet, as well as for certain health issues.
  • Skin care and allergies: Does your furry family member suffer from dry, itchy skin due to the hot Florida weather and insects, or do they cope with a skin allergy from the outdoors or even from an additive in their food? Either way, our Lakewood Ranch vets are here to help them find relief.
  • Exotic pets: Exotic pet veterinarians in Lakewood Ranch, FL can be hard to find. Our nearby location and friendly, educated vets make choosing a doctor for your snake, rabbit, ferret, bird and other reptiles or rodents easy and stress-free.

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Join the University Animal Clinic’s Lakewood Ranch, FL Family

At University Animal Clinic, we are animal lovers. While your pet may be our patient, we treat them as if they’re our own, which means plenty of pets, compliments and love, as well as quality veterinary care. As one pet parent noted, “My dog was so comfortable! This says a lot since she usually is so afraid and timid. My dog loved everyone in the office…I am so glad to have found such a wonderful vet.”

Become a part of our veterinary center’s Lakewood Ranch, FL family today by calling us at 941-355-7707 or contacting us online.

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    To learn more about our Lakewood Ranch animal hospital and veterinary services please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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