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Guinea Pigs

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What You Need To Know About Pet Guinea Pigs

Furry, fun-loving and adorable, guinea pigs make for a special addition to any family. While they do require special care, creating the perfect living environment for these pets is easy. Keep reading to learn about how to care for this animal and spot signs of early health issues.

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How To Care

For A Pet Guinea Pig

Learning how to care for your pet guinea pig plays an essential role in giving your pet a healthy, happy and long lifetime. Before getting one, it’s important to consider the following care factors:

  • Health Check-Ups: Regular check-ups are at the core of a strong preventative health care plan for your pet. Taking your guinea pig to the vet will help identify illnesses early and get your pet on the right medications.
  • Housing: Since these pets are at risk of heat stroke, you should keep their cages inside. A recommended space of at least .5 square meters per guinea pig will guarantee your pets have enough room to roam!
  • Feeding: Guinea pigs develop their taste for foods early on in life. Feeding your pet veggies, fruits and hay right away will ensure a healthy diet moving forward.
  • Dental Care and Nail Trimming: High fiber diets are key to avoiding overgrown teeth. Trimming your guinea pigs nails regularly is also an essential part of on-going care.
  • Desexing: To prevent your pet from some serious diseases and cancer, desex your guinea pig between five and six months of age.

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Most Common

Health Issues For Guinea Pigs

When pet owners know what to look for, they gain the power of preventing common health conditions from affecting their animals. Educating yourself about the common health issues for guinea pigs, in particular, is especially important. These include:

  • Respiratory Infections: Signs and symptoms mirror those of the common cold. By decreasing dust particles around your guinea pig, you can help your pet avoid getting sick.
  • Scurvy: A lack of calcium causes scurvy which can lead to stunted growth, joint swelling and rabbit-like hopping. To avoid these symptoms, feed your pet high calcium foods like broccoli and kale.
  • Tumors: Unfortunately, all animals are susceptible to tumors. If you feel a hard lump on your guinea pig, they may have cancer. See your vet immediately if you feel something strange.
  • Heat Stroke: These pets have thick fur and can’t sweat. Therefore, it’s essential for them to live in cooler conditions. If you notice your pet panting, try putting some cold water over its back.
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When To Call A Guinea Pig Vet

If you suspect your pet has any of the above common health issues, call your local guinea pig vet clinic. Being proactive is key to preventing illnesses from worsening.

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