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What You Need To Know About Dogs

Dogs can change you and your family’s home life in many beautiful ways. But whether you’re a seasoned dog owner or a soon-to-be dog parent, learning how to care for your pet is necessary to keep them healthy and happy. Keep reading for some tips regarding how pet owners can care for their dogs and know what common health issues to look out for.

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How To Care

For A Pet Dog

Giving your dog the right amount of love and care will benefit everyone in your home. The more love your pet receives, the more love they will give back to you and your family. Below are the most essential tips and tricks to consider:

  • Feeding: High-quality dog food for mature dogs will provide a healthy and balanced diet. You can buy dried food, canned food or a mix of both. Your dog may also enjoy certain vegetables, cottage cheese, eggs and fruit, but it’s important to keep human foods down to 10 percent or less of your pet’s diet.
  • Exercise: Dogs need daily exercise to keep them active, stress-free, happy and fun-loving. Walking your dog or playing games will also prevent them from practicing destructive behaviors like digging holes and chewing.
  • Grooming: Brushing your dog every day will decrease shedding and help you stay up to date with your pet’s skin health. Plus, most dogs love to be brushed!
  • Vaccinations: Your dog will benefit from getting certain vaccinations at the appropriate times. See your vet to find out which ones your pet needs, and when.

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Most Common

Health Issues For Dogs

Nothing is more heartbreaking than a sad, sick and stressed puppy dog. Luckily, well-cared for dogs rarely get sick, but it’s always good to be prepared. That’s why we went ahead and highlighted some common health issues facing dogs, which include:

  • Parasites: In your dog’s world, parasites are everywhere. From ticks and fleas to heartworms and tapeworms, seeking out preventative treatments for your pets is the only way to protect them.
  • Ear Infections: If you notice your dog shaking their head or scratching their ears more often than usual, they most likely have an ear infection. We recommend learning how to clean your dog’s ears to avoid this common health problem.
  • Vomiting: Dogs may vomit for many reasons, including indigestion, infection or other diseases. While there’s no need to panic in the beginning, if your dog exhibits prolonged vomiting, contacting an animal hospital is the best course of action.
  • Diarrhea: Diarrhea often accompanies vomiting. Ongoing watery feces can lead to dehydration, so it’s important for your dog to drink plenty of water. Just like with vomiting, make sure to keep track of worsening or ongoing conditions.
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When to Call a Veterinarian

It will always pay off to be proactive when it comes to your dog’s health. If you notice something isn’t quite right, call your dog’s vet as soon as you can. If anything, they will be able to give you peace of mind.

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