AAHA-Accredited Animal Clinic in Bradenton, FL

Having your veterinarian near you can make all the difference, whether it’s during an emergency or a regular checkup. Our animal clinic’s convenient location in Bradenton, FL gives you peace of mind when it comes to making sure your furriest — or scaliest — family member is healthy and happy.

Our Pet Clinic Services in Bradenton, FL

We love animals. That’s why our pet clinic in Bradenton, FL provides several, comprehensive services for not only dogs and cats, but also exotic pets like birds, rats, guinea pigs, snakes and other reptiles and rodents:

  • Wellness plans: Whether you’ve just adopted a puppy or kitten, or a pet that’s young at heart, our preventative wellness programs help them stay healthy and tackle their next adventure. All our plans include unlimited office visits, nail trims and vaccines.

  • Dental: As pet owners, we understand the challenges of brushing your pet’s teeth — and the looks they give afterward. Our technicians and veterinarians in Bradenton, FL offer dental cleanings to help prevent infected teeth and gums, as well as find any problems early. We also offer digital dental X-rays for cats and dogs, plus oral surgery.

  • Routine or emergency surgery: If you’ve just expanded your furry family, you may already be thinking about spaying or neutering. While routine surgeries are less stressful, others can take an emotional toll. We understand and are here to provide the support and care you and your pet needs, whether it’s a specialized or emergency procedure.

  • Older pets: Finding a vet for older dogs in Bradenton, FL, as well as cats and other animals, can prove challenging — especially when you want a veterinarian with experience treating and working with older pets. Our vets are, and they can offer advice and treatments that may help improve your pet’s quality of life.

  • Skin care and allergies: For some cats and dogs, the hot temperature and pests can cause dry skin or even an allergic reaction. We help your pet relieve their itchiness and discomfort so they can get back to being outdoors with you.

  • Exotic pets: As one of the few exotic pet clinics in Bradenton, FL, we love getting to meet the pet snakes, guinea pigs, rats and other lovable critters that make up our local community. You can also trust our team to offer the care and experience your pet needs.

Join the University Animal Clinic’s Bradenton, FL Family

At University Animal Clinic in Bradenton, FL, we’re a compassionate team of animal lovers. Every day, our goal is to provide your pet with the highest quality of care and medical expertise to ensure they’re happy and healthy.

Join our family today by calling us at 941-355-7707 or contacting us online.